Our record reflects success lowering property taxes on the North Shore

The deadline to file 2018 Cook County property tax appeals is at the end of August. With the days counting down quickly, we continue to receive calls from homeowners and realtors who want us to file appeals for them.

The table that follows presents a brief case study of just a few of the great results that North Shore Property Law achieved on residential properties in 2017. Take special note of the column on the far right; it shows just how much we reduced the tax bill for each client on their 2017 tax bill.

Without fail, each client who receives results like these expresses deep gratitude for providing clarity and predictability as to the true cost of owning their home in the Cook County tax system – which is known for being arbitrary and complicated. We’ve known clients to use their tax savings to pay for spring break adventures or a family ski trip  – and send us photos when they do!

If you live in one of Cook County’s northern suburbs, call us at (847) 984-3900 to learn more about the process of how we can lower the property tax burden on your North Shore home.